Cosmetics & Beauty
Natural Cosmetics, holistic beauty treatments and pedicure

Our spa physician and the experienced physiotherapist take care of you in our own bath and massage area:
We offer massages, heat or ice treatments, skin-oil baths, spa baths, lymphatic drainage, electrical and special movement therapies. The practice in Allgäuer Hof has admission to billing with health insurances.
You can arrange appointments under:
+49 (0)8386-48775.

Gym in Allgäuer Hof
From Monday to Friday we offer a varied gymnastics program.
* spinal gymnastics
* Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PME)
* Problem zones gym
* Stretch and relax
* Chi Gong / Yoga
* Aqua gymnastics (5x per week in the morning)



Swimming pool & sauna
Immerse yourself in our 28 to 30 degrees warm water in the pool or relax with Sauna sessions in the spa area of the hotel. Bathrobe, bath and sauna towels are at your disposal free of charge.

Or discover the exciting water & sauna park “Aquaria” few walking minutes from the hotel.

Infrared cabin
Soothing deep warmth from just 30°C and the individual possibilities of aroma and light therapy support the reduction of stress and relaxes the muscles. The deep heat donates new life energy, strengthens the immune system and the cardiovascular system and stimulates the metabolism.

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